what is sterling silver ?

what is sterling silver ?

Do you love jewelry ?  Have you heard the term ” Sterling Silver ”  and you don’t know what is sterling silver ? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will look at different types (alloys) and terms that are used in jewelry industry for Silver.

Silver like any other metal is combined with other metals to improve its mechanical properties. These combinations are called alloys. Gold also has different alloys which usually have some copper and other metals with different percentages.

Now lets see what is sterling silver

Pure silver is soft when its pure and therefor its not usable. So we combine it with copper and this gives it strength. The proportion of copper to silver in sterling silver is 7.5% to 92.5%. This exact alloy is called sterling silver.

What is 925 silver

925 silver is the same sterling silver. The name comes from 92.5% silver combination with copper or other metals.

We use 925 term in our product properties section how ever sterling is also common in the market and its a matter of preference. You may see 925 number on the back of your ring or necklace as it indicates the silver type.

The other information that we provide on our handmade limited edition products is the piece number. So if the limited edition is 18 we write 3 of 18 meaning 3rd product out of 18 total editions.

Does sterling silver tarnish

All of Metals tarnish or oxidize when exposed to oxygen. This is a natural reaction which is of course dependent on the type of metal and amount of oxygen available in environment. The most tarnish resistant metal is Gold. Silver, however tarnish more quickly and becomes dark and dull. There is nothing to do to prevent this but the good news is that you can easily clean silver and restore its glossy and shiny finish. There are coatings that can protect silver from oxidizing but they usually loose their effectiveness in 6 to 9 months so there is nothing as Tarnish resistent silver.

what does 925 stamped on jewelry mean

It means the piece is made of 925 (sterling) silver. 925(92.5%) is actually is percentage of fine silver to other alloys which are added to increase it’s mechanical properties.

We use 925 or in other words sterling silver in our limited edition handmade jewelry. Please take a look at our designs.

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