The wing of Phoenix collection

Limited edition jewelry

In this series of works we used the wing as it is the most used element in different cultures and times. Wing is symbol of protection by Gods in various cultures. It can also be a symbol of pace, and freedom. We use 925 Silver for metal part of this collection and Gold can be used if desired.

We also used Opal Stone to relate to this phenomenon as it has earth like colors. Finally we wanted to visualize ultimate freedom and protection as in Promise Land.
We used circle shape stones for works for woman as it is symbol of gentle femininity. On the other hand, works for men have square shaped stone which is symbol of power and masculinity.

All of our Products are shipped from Italy and with Express Mail which ensures fast delivery to all locations in the world.


We will ensure that you will get what you see in pictures of the site though slight differences may occur as we use natural stones and wood.

So Don’t worry and be Happy!

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