how can you tell if silver is real

how can you tell if silver is real

In new era almost everything has a fake copy! From smartphones to even Cars! So when you buy new thing you need to make sure that it’s Original but how can you tell if silver is real ? Well, we will answer this question in this article.

Look for “925” mark

All genuine silver products are required to stamp the material code on the product. For jewelry this mark is usually in the back side of work.

Expose to direct heat

If you expose fake products to heat, they will loose their color immediately and the real material will show it self!

Ice test for silver

silver has the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. Place an ice cube on a silver coin or bar, the ice will begin to melt immediately. Obviously, ice will melt if placed on anything at room temperature, for example, but if placed on silver it will melt much more quickly and impressively.

Electronic Testers

You might consider an electronic tester if you need accurate results. Electronic testers are usually crafted to handle precious metals like gold and silver and should be able to quickly help you discern what kind of purity you’re working with.

The good thing about electronic testers, however, is that it should be able to remove any of your doubts quickly and easily. It might also come in handy if you plan on working with a lot of silver and don’t have a lot of time to do hand-inspection on each piece of silver you come across. Again, do your own research to dig up the best kind of electronic tester for you.

Silver density Tests

One of the most consistent ways on how can you tell if silver is real is to measure it’s density – its weight divided by its volume. The obvious point is that the purer your silver is, the closer it will be to the common density of silver. If you’re going to find out the density of your silver, however, you’re going to want to understand a few things first.

Measuring density will actually require two measurements, which are then put into an equation together. The first measurement will be to take the weight of your silver – you’re most likely working with a smaller amount so you’ll want as accurate a measurement as possible. Buy a scale that can tell you how much something weighs in grams, not just pounds. You’ll be working in grams and centimeters during this process.

Next, measure the volume of your silver by checking how much water it displaces. Fill up a container of water (that measures volume) to a precise point. Take note of the volume of water, and then add the silver. How much did the volume increase by? That’s the volume of your silver.

With these two (metric) numbers in hand, you can check to see how close your silver’s density is to pure silver. Silver has a density of 10.49 g·cm-3. Although you don’t have to be at this exact point to know you have a lot of pure silver on your hands, you’ll want to be close. Mistakes could have been made throughout the process. Make sure to try again if you don’t get the results you liked, just to confirm the density before moving on.

We use only 925 silver in our works. 925 silver which is also called Sterling silver is the most commonly used silver for jewelry becuase of it’s good durability and mechanical properties. 
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I hope this article can answer you question ” how can you tell if silver is real “.

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